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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  November 1, 2010 10:30pm-11:00pm EST

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mcnabb is a proven winner, been to five nfc championships, one super bowl. there's eight games. we've been to six games that go down to the wire. he's ran in the two minute drill in six previous games. the guy clearly knows how to run it. i really just think he should have gotten a chance in the game. >> reporter: what do you think about shanahan's explanation first yesterday and then today? >> we're talking about the cardiovascular issues? >> reporter: that was today. yesterday it was something different. >> well, i don't know. the guy has been playing in the league for a number of years. i don't see a lot of cardiovascular issues with him. after rushing about 45-yard he didn't seem to have many then. so i just don't think you bench a guy like that. he was throwing the ball well, running the ball well. i just don't think that's something you should be doing. >> reporter: did you buy into shanahan's excuses? >> the hamstring after the gap on sunday? if he was having a ham issue why is he not sitting down on the bench getting looked at by
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trainers. the guy knows how to play football and you put a guy in there who is known and gets kicked off the bears for doing nothing but turn the ball over. what's he doing? turn the ball over and you lose the game. >> reporter: does this change your opinion about the redskins or coach shanahan? >> i think it separates the locker room. you'll have people that defend mcnabb and people that go with shanahan's decision. ultimately if you're bringing someone like mcnabb here, you got to stick with him. >> reporter: do you think in the long run this will hurt the team and hurt their chances of winning down the road? >> i think they luck out they have the bye week that they can recuperate as a team and come back, come together, but hopefully it doesn't. >> reporter: what about you? >> i never lose my faith in the redskins. i think we're going to come back and rock and roll. >> reporter: that's our two minute drill. we did it without any problems or without any substitution. back to you. earlier today we asked what you think. did coach shanahan make the right call. 7% texted yes, but an overwhelming 93% texted no,
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they don't agree with the call. he was at the center of the chandra levy investigation and tonight gary condit is still refusing to answer some questions about his relationship with the murdered former intern. find out what the judge had to say about it coming up next.  take a closer look at keith fimian and his inspection business. fimian's former business partner said fimian lied, his record "built upon a fraud." his business sued more than 40 times. slapped with thousands in liens. its corporate status revoked. now we learn fimian signed a campaign pledge that protected tax breaks for corporations outsourcing jobs. fraud, failed policies. unfortunately, that's keith fimian.
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maryland's governor martin o'malley. endorsed by the washington post for his "tough, decisive steps" on the state budget and unwavering commitment to education. o'malley's made college more affordable. he's helping restore the health of the chesapeake bay, has forward-looking plans on transportation and a record reducing violent crime. governor martin o'malley.
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one leader moving maryland forward.
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former congressman gary condit was on the stand today avoiding questions about chandra levy. the man whose career was ruined by this case was sometimes combative testifying, but he was clear on one thing. he swears he had nothing to do with levy's death. fox 5's paul wagner was in the courtroom. >> reporter: it's fair to say gary condit was grilled on the witness stand today asked time and time by the defense what his relationship with chandra levy was like. he refused to say. he refused to admit it was intimate saying basically that they were friends. he also refused to say whether or not shandra had spent any time at his witness. at times it got testy. gary condit refused to answer several questions today telling the court on direct and cross-
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examination he wouldn't do it out of respect for chandra. condit told the court i'm not going to answer those questions. i'm not going to respond to those questions. are you pleading the fifth asked defense attorney maria hawilo? no. i'm not going to out of respect for chandra's and my privacy. when asked why he pled the fifth in 2002 condit replied i took the fifth in everything he was going to ask me. this federal prosecutor was not serious. he was there to harass me. the guy decided he wanted to grill me. he lied to me." when asked by prosecutor amanda haines why he wouldn't acknowledge the affair publicly condit replied, "i believe we are entitled to some level of privacy. i have a right to set boundaries. i didn't commit any crime. didn't do anything wrong." haines asked did you care about her? yes. did you have anything to do with her disappearance?
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>> no accident ma'am. did you kill her? no -- no, ma'am. did you kill her? no, ma'am. the defense maintains ingmar guandique had nothing to do with chandra levy's disappearance and in questioning condit they attempted to show the former congressman still had something to hide and the judge refused to mic gary condit answer the questions about his -- make gary condit answer the questions about his relationship with chandra levy. how is it someone can take the stand under oath and then refuse to answer several questions. >> you know, there's two ways to look at it. one is that the defense as a tactical matter didn't push the next step which is to ask the judge, your honor, we want you to order this witness to answer this question. they wanted to just perhaps leave it as evasive because they knew they were just going to get a denial from him. >> reporter: even the defense attorney said are you taking the fifth and he said no. i just have a right to privacy. have you ever seen that before? >> no. you essentially give up your
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right to privacy as a basic matter when you're on the witness stand and you have to answer any relevant questions that they ask. the issue is for tactical reason i'm sure the defense did not take that next step, but what i heard is he was just evasive probably is about the best word. >> reporter: that evasiveness and in the way he was acting on the stand refusing to answer several questions, does that now play into the hands of the defense? >> it plays right into what the defense said in their opening statement that they just didn't look beyond mr. guandique, not that condit had something to do with it, but he's certainly hiding something. >> reporter: bernie grimm doing some analysis for us, testimony resuming tomorrow. at d.c. superior court paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> paul is blogging from the courtroom as the trial unfolds. to follow that you can go to click on the chandra levy tab. new tonight a doll hanging by a noose outside a maryland church. this is a photo of what someone found at the city of zion
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church along laurel park drive in laurel. the markings you see, parts of racial slurs written on the doll showed up sometime between saturday night and sunday morning. it is being treated as a hate crime. >> what was really alarming, it said obama. it had obama written all over it, swastikas, things of this sort and this is two days before the election. you know, this is a primarily african american church and these images were just a alarming. >> police say there are a lot of churches in the area and whoever put that doll there clearly chose an african american church right before a worship service. pastor strong says the church is praying for whoever left the doll. the investigation into the mail bomb plot continues tonight and a new development. intelligence officials now say they intercepted three suspicious packages last month that they now believe were a dry run for the plot stopped last week.
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investigators are studying the parts used to make the devices to try and track down the people behind it. we have the latest from london. >> teams of u.s. anti-terrorism and security experts are using the serial numbers from the printers and toner cartridges which terrorists packed with explosive powder to get more answers about the thwarted mail bomb attack. investigators are working on tracing the cell phone detonator using the sim card. meantime teams will work on trading cargo trainers at yemen's main airport. >> we are working with yemen as a government in the aftermath of friday's episode and i would say that we are pleased with the cooperation that yemen has shown. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence officials say ibrahim hassan al- asiri is now considered the main suspect behind the mail bomb. officials say al-asiri is also suspected of packing explosives into the underwear of the
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nigerian accused of trying to blow up a passenger plane last crist. the fbi are also warning -- christmas. the fbi are also warning local law enforcement to be on the lookout for more suspicious packages. packages from a foreign country with no return address or excessive postage need to be heavily scrutinized. the u.s. has temporarily stopped all incoming air cargo from yemen after learning the bombs originated there. in germany aviation officials announcing an extension of its ban on cargo flight from yemen to now include passenger flights. that means until further notice no flights to or over german airspace. we've now learned that one of the bombs mailed from yemen was routed to the united kingdom through a ups distribution center in western germany. fox 5 news. the question is how do u.s. officials track down the men wanted for making these bombs? the government may choose to use cia hunt and kill teams.
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president obama like president bush authorized the killing of people that are major threats to the u.s. >> most of our assassination teams work in places like iraq or afghanistan where there are active wars going on. if we sent a team into yemen, it will be with at least the covert acceptance by the yemeni government that we have people operating on their soil and i don't think we would want to do this in a country where our teams could risk being captured and then, you know, put on trial as assassins or murderers. >> as far as a the investigation into the mail bomb, living stonn said investigators -- livinid invest some headway thanks to the parts used in the cartridge devices. >> we know at least one, if not both the two cartridges that were used in constructing the bombs were made by hewlett- packard. there cannot be a lot of
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dealers in yemen for a hewlett- packard toner. so they'll probably be able to trace that to one of a couple shops if they haven't done so already. >> a german security official says the latest bombs were packed with four times the amount of explosives as the christmas day underwear bomb. you heard what coach shanahan had to say about donovan mcnabb. hear from you the fans coming up. what do his teammates have to say about the controversial call as well? hear from everybody coming up next in sports.  more for the same health % insurance as men. domestic violence is treated as a pre-existing condition in eight states. women are abused by their husbands
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and then by their insurance companies. and last year they tried to end our coverage for mammograms and other preventive services. well i'm proud to say i got the law changed. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know that being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition.
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good evening. i'm dave feldman. the last time the giants won the world series they were from new york and the year was 1954 four years before they headed west. they're heading west again tonight from texas with the world series trophy. giant with ace tim lincecum on the mound as they look to clinch their first world series title in 56 years and lincecum was up to the task. against david murphy in the 3rd lincecum would not give up
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a hit until the 4th, finished with 10 strikeouts. the rangers top gun cliff lee was stellar until the 7th. edgar renteria with two runners on, not anymore. remember in 1997 he had the game winning hit for the marlins in game seven and here he breaks the scoreless tie. giants led 3 -0. they take a 3-1 lead in the bottom of the 9th and closer brian wilson does what he does, closing the door and the san francisco giants are your world series winners, their sixth title, renteria your world series mvp. i wonder if behind closed doors if mike shanahan was put under a human lie detector test and was asked if he would bench mcnabb again under the same circumstances knowing what the fallout would be, i wonder if he would do it again because clearly he did not enjoy today's press conference. that's for sure. mcnabb was benched for the final two series in last night's loss to detroit. rex grossman who played for kyle shanahan in houston was brought in for the final two
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series either because he knew the terminology better, lat night's answer, or because -- last night's answer or because mcnabb had two bad hammies and a contusion, today's answer. either way mike shanahan did not back down and this was player reaction in the locker room. >> he's going to have to have a conversation with coach shanahan to understand what is it that he's expecting. i don't know all the details, really none of the details of what made coach shanahan decide to do what he did, but he feels like he's going to do whatever he gives us the best chance to win, whatever that may be. there's going to be tough decisions that have to be made sometimes. >> you've got donovan mcnabb on your team. i'd always keep him on the field no matter what. >> albert on controversy not involving albert. john wall averaging 21 points, nine assists in his first two nba games but not full strength, sprained his ankle saturday in the loss to atlanta
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wearing a boot today. coach saunders thinks he will play tomorrow. his backcourt gilbert arenas still bothered by a sprained tendon in his ankle not expected to play. the maryland terrapins playing in their first and only exhibition game of the season hosting florida season. adrian bowie bringing up the ball finding cliff tucker who nails the jumper. tucker game high 15 and 10 assists including this one to dino gregory who finishes it off. terps roll 106-58 and open the season a week from today at home against seattle. randy moss waived by the vikings today, asked if he would be interested. mike shanahan said we'll look at anything. randy moss is a viking, a patriot. if he could help, mike shanahan said he'd take a look. >> very interesting. that's my only comment about that. >> got enough issues going on. >> it would be more drama. >> thank you, feldy.
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a terrifying ride on metro for riders before they even hit the rails. tonight we talk with one of the victims of an out of control escalator plus what metro says it's doing to make sure this does not happen again. ears in politics. in congress ehrlich voted with george bush 90% of the time, protecting the special interests. as governor, ehrlich cut education, increased college tuition by 40%, and vetoed an increase in the minimum wage. and after losing his election, bob ehrlich joined a lobbying firm and got paid $2.5 million to represent casinos and wall street banks. bob ehrlich--24 years of putting the special interests first.
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women are charged 40% more for the same health h insurance as men. domestic violence is treated as a pre-existing condition in eight states. women are abused by their husbands and then by their insurance companies. and last year they tried to end our coverage for mammograms and other preventive services.
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well i'm proud to say i got the law changed. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know that being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition.
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an escalator still shut down after a mishap sent riders tumbling into a heap on saturday. the problem at la elephant plaza happened just as the -- l'enfant plaza happened just as the rally was wrapping up. a metro spokesman said all the escalators have safety switches. if something isn't right they're supposed to kick in and the escalator will come to a halt. we have heard reports of the escalator accelerating which is unconfirmed. we're in the early stages of our investigation. fox 5's karen gray houston talked to one man on that escalator. >> we heard a snap and that thing took off so fast you didn't have time to know what you were doing. a few people below us jumped
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over the sides. i mean i would like to know how fast that escalator was going because my guess is that it was going at least 30 miles per hour. you could smell something like burning rubber and all i remember thinking was oh, my gosh, we're going to die. >> reporter: can you describe your injuries? >> and on my knee i have three cut marks and it was really red and bruised up. >> reporter: the metro people are telling us today that there is a safety mechanism on the escalators that senses when something is wrong and that it's supposed to automatically stop the escalator. >> that is not what happened. that escalator did not stop. that thing -- mine essentially it was like a roller coast -- i mean essentially it was like a roller coaster going downhill without having any kind of safety gear on at all. >> reporter: so it never stopped? >> no. it never stopped, no. people were still falling and there was a tooth laying on the ground. one guy was -- there was blood all over the floor and one guy had blood just coming out of
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the back of his head. it was very scary. then there was another -- there was a lady who was -- and i'm assuming this is probably the lady who they said was in critical condition because she was just laying and she looked to be unconscious. there were a lot of people on the escalator and so i don't know if there was just too much weight and it caused the belt to snap or if the brakes went out. i'm sure it had something to do with the amount of people that were on it that day. >> ritchie said he thinks there may have been 20 people in that pile. the ones who didn't get taken to the hospital just left because police were trying to clear the area. new tonight government officials say test results of groundwater at maryland fort detrick reveal no harmful chemicals present, another twist in the ongoing saga for families who blame their history of cancer on the army post. fox 5's bob barnard sat down with some of those affected family members tonight. >> it is shocking. it's outrageous to see what
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we're seeing. >> we feel there's not much we can do for those that are gone except to speak up. >> it's got to be taken care of and cleaned up and full disclosure made from dietrich. >> reporter: the army's fort detrick in frederick, maryland, is ground zero in a scandalous battle over cancer rates. >> in the last two years this cancer has devastated my family. >> reporter: randy white says he grew up half a mile from the army post's suspected cancer hotspot known as area b. >> my daughter who is 27 years old, kristen, she developed brain cancer and was gone within six months, died in my arms. >> we want them to get rid of the stuff that's in the ground so that no one else can get this. >> reporter: shirley rice says 12 members of her husband's family have died from the same rare form of leukemia including
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patriarch charles rice who farmed the land around fort detrick. >> it's devastating when get a telephone call from a relative you haven't heard from in a while, you know it's going to be bad news. >> my mom is sick diagnosed with chronic lymphacytic leukemia. i've been off work for seven weeks right now to take care of her and i don't -- i'm not getting any money while i'm off work. >> reporter: monday night debbie, shirley and randy joined other families for the government's latest groundwater test results. fort detrick officials announced they have now tested 70 water wells on post since june and not one has come back with a detectable level of any harmful chemicals, but randy white says he's just had the ground near fredericks carroll creek test and found traces of a chemical called tce at twice
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what the epa considers safe levels. >> so the frederick citizens need to be aware that somebody's being poisoned and we feel like it's fort detrick. >> reporter: more to come. in frederick, maryland, bob barnard, fox 5 news. you think your kids are asleep, might want to check again. find out what experts say costs them hours of sheep every week and causing major health concern -- sleep every week and causing major health concerns. first we have the details from tonight's business report. >> people are making less but spending more, personal income dipping by a fraction in september, the first drop in more than a year, but consumer spending ticking up, people spending more money on the web, internet sales soaring to 32 billion bucks last quarter up 9% over last year. to wall street the dow gaining six point, now nearly 700 points on the year. from bailed out to just digging
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out aig raking in 37 billion bucks by selling two foreign units. some of the money will go toward repaying the government,ist okay us. borders is launching -- i.e. us. borders is launching a price selling program trying to take back holiday business from barnes & noble and amazon. cosmetics company elizabeth arden is creating line of taylor swift fragrances set to hit stores next year. that's business. i'm neil cavuto. fimian's former business partner said fimian lied, his record "built upon a fraud." his business sued more than 40 times. slapped with thousands in liens. its corporate status revoked. now we learn fimian signed a campaign pledge that protected tax breaks for corporations outsourcing jobs. fraud, failed policies. unfortunately, that's keith fimian.


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